Preliminary Options Reports

Camac and Poddle – Phase 1 – Appropriate Assessment
A key protection mechanism of the EU Habitats Directive is the requirement to undertake Appropriate Assessment (AA) to consider the possible nature conservation implications of any plan or project on the Natura 2000 network of protected sites before any decision is made to allow the plan or project to proceed.
The below Natura Impact Statement was produced detailing the outcome of the AA process in relation to phase 1 of the development of flood risk management options for the Camac and Poddle rivers. It is not intended that this document represents the final output of the AA process, as it is recognised that the second phase of the project (including feasibility, EIA, design, planning and construction) will be advanced by the local authorities. It is therefore anticipated that this NIS will be developed to reflect the work carried out by Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council who are the proponents for the next phase of the project.
Strategic Environmental Assessment – Scoping Report
Submissions or observations in relation to this scoping information, or in relation to the scope and level of detail of the information to be included in the Environmental Reports, may be made by the 30th October 2015. Contact information can be found on the ‘Have Your Say’ page.
Feedback on the following documents, which are supplementary to the SEA Scoping Report, is also welcome.
Hydraulics Reports
Hydrology Reports

Study Newsletters
OPW Leaflet
October 2011 Flood Event – Overarching Report
Analysis of the Dublin and Shannon Radar Data for the Eastern CFRAM Study Area
Liffey Flood Forecasting System Report
Inception Reports
These reports provide detail on relevant datasets and their interpretationas for the first 6 months into the contract i.e. to January 2012. They identify issues in sourcing data and flag any affects on methodologies or programme. These reports also define the methodology being adopted for hydrological analysis and define the extents of the water courses to be modelled.
Flood Risk Review
This report sets out the recommendations for AFAs based on the consultant’s site visits, but these recommendations form just one of the strands that fed into the finalisation of the definitive list of AFAs.  Hence, in some areas, recommendations in the report have not necessarily made it into the final list of AFAs reported to the European Commission and being taken forward in the CFRAM studies.
Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment
Stakeholder Reports

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